Joomla Tutorials

Key Concepts

Key Concepts video covering very briefly some key/core concepts in Joomla that will tie all the training together. It's 4 mins long and worth reviewing before any one-on-one training

Editing an Article

If you can use a mouse and use Microsoft Word, then you can create and edit content in your website

Creating Menu Items

Once you have created your content you need to be able to display it to the world, creating menu items allows you to create the navigation and display your content on your website


One of the most important things to do when managing your own website is to ensure it is BACKED up. This short video will show you how to do this.

Configure the Backup Software

The backup software installed in your website is easy to use, it does have some more advanced configuration capabilities such as copying your backup to a cloud storage service like dropbox. This video runs through some of these more advanced features

Updating your website

New versions of Joomla and its components are released on a regularly basis. It is advisable to regularly update your site to the latest version, to provides additional features, but more importantly patches security issues that are discovered over time.

Security Management

Your website is installed with a sophisticated security software called a Web Application Firewall (WAF), this protects you from attacks by hackers which are all to frequent, understanding this software is very useful.

HoneyPot Project

This is an extension of Web Application Firewall....

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