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A Different Approach to websites

We take a different approach to web site development. We use open source systems, and integrate pre-built components to create awesome websites. We then take the time to train you in the ongoing management of the website, so that you can change and grow your website as needed. And unlike many web developers we have seen, we provide you FULL administrative access to you website and hosting. So that you are in total control!

Self Managed Websites

We build it, You manage it. Our goal is to Build you A fantastic website that you can manage yourself

We build exclusively in a platform called Joomla, which is the leading open source content management systems available. It is a powerful platform that has been around for 15 years, powerful yet easy to use.

Simple to Complex

We have the experience and expertise to build website from simple brochureware promotional websites, to complex eCommerce solutions for clients. We prefer integration over custom development, as the long costs of custom development often outweigh the use of pre-existing systems.

Consulting and Advice

Building a website can be a complex project, understanding domain name, name servers, hosting, content management systems, DNS and how tightly email is or is not integrated into your website can get complex. We are happy to offer advice and help you plan you website.

Why Joomla? and Why Us?

  • SAVE money by making changes yourself!
  • Complete Content Management System (CMS), FULL Super Admin access
  • Leading Open Source CMS system available today
  • Add more pages and menus. There are NO limits, grow your website as you need to
  • Fully customised to your logo/artwork/brand
  • No technical skills required
  • No Hardware, No Software, No Hassles
  • Designed by professional website designers
  • Installed instantly, then we customise the design to your brand or logo
  • Login into your website and edit the pages - Just like a word processor only EASIER!
  • You send us your content and we get it online for you.
  • We design, install and help arrange the hosting! You Manage it!!

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Web Developer

Do I get FULL Administrative Rights to my new website?

Regardless of whether your website is developed in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or something else, it's imperative you get full (super) adminstrator rights to your website. Many developers I've come across only provide a subset of privileges, which enable you to do day to day changes, but prevent you from having full control of your website - particularly if you want to have another web developer take over the running of your site.

Recently a new client of mine, sent me an email from their previous/existing web developer who wanted to charge them $500 (on top of all the money they had already spent) just to give them SUPER Admin rights.

Do you own the domain name or is it owned by me?

If you have come up with the idea for a website name, then you should OWN it.

Be wary of web developers who will register a domain name on your behalf. Make sure that domain name is registered to you.

I've had customers come to me, their web developer has registered their domain name and wont give it back, or worse wants to charge them $1000 to give something back to them that they rightfully own.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS register the domain name yourself - with a domain registry account you have created yourself or have control over... e.g. domains.lloc.com.au or CrazyDomain.com.au

In australia, if you have registered a .com.au - you may be able to get the name returned to you via AUDU http://www.auda.org.au/ the body that governs domain registrations in australia.

If it is a .com address - this may become very difficult to impossible.

How Long Will It Take?

Using a CMS based development environmet like Wordpress or Joomla, it really should not take more than 2 months to fully develop your website, even a medium to complex website.

My personal experience around slow delivery times is usually that the client does not yet have all the content ready to go. Your web developer should not be the bottleneck, if they are, they don't dont know what they are doing or even worse they are over-committed and can't give your project the focus it needs.

However when a client has all content ready to go or is migrating from an existing site, the first draft of the website completed within 2 weeks (small sites). Then another 2 weeks of tweaking the edges and fixing bugs etc.

Unless you have a massive, complex website - more than 2 months is just not acceptable. You should have some time based exit clauses in your contract/agreement so that you can stop development if it's taking too long

Do you provide a contract?

Do you need a contract/agreement? In my humble opinion YES, although please don't take this as legal advice, as I am not qualified to give it.

A contract/proposal/agreement between you and your web developer should lay out clearly what you will be getting and how much and how and when it will be paid for.

In this agreement you can stipulate time based measures etc, so that you have an exit clause if you need it.

It protects you and the web developer. E.g. if you demand more than was originally agreed, your web developer has the right to charge you for variations. If your web developer does not deliver what you agreed on, you have a contract to use to seek compensation/resolution against.

When do I pay you?

Some web developers demand that you pay 100% up front, if this is the case, walk away or determine if that is up for negotiation.

I've recently worked with a new client who paid 100% of the cost to a web developer, this developer only completed 10% of the website, divorced his wife and was never heard from again. This client did not have a working website and is out of pocket for the full amount. So naturually he was wary of paying 100% again.

Negotiate the terms of payment.

For a small to medium website, 50% deposit (gives the developer the financial incentive to get working on your job), note: this might be different for larger builds, and then the remaining 50% after the site goes live. That way it's a win for both parties and there is an incentive to finish the website as quickly as possible. Site does not go live until you are happy.

Is the website backed up?

I have talked with and met at least a dozen customers over the years who have LOST their entire websites because of hacking or server crash.

And the web developer did not have a backup!?

Built into every website we develop is a backup software application - which we setup so you can easily run backups. How often is up to you, but we recommend at least 1 per week. It's very easy for our customers to download and store these backups locally.

We also offer an optional service of uploading the backups to a secure online storage system.

What is MOST important about the backup software we use is that we can RESTORE a website VERY QUICKLY - 20 to 30 minutes ... in most cases.


Many web hosting companies say they perform backups. And they may well do. However if a disaster strikes, particularly in the form of a hacking attack, they will be too busy dealing with large complex security issues rather than restoring your individual website.

If you have the means and capability to restore your website yourself ... it also means you can MOVE your website easily to another web hosting company if you need to.

This is VERY easy to do with a Joomla website, not so easy in my experience with Wordpress

Do you install a Web Application Firewall?

Does your prospective web developer install a Web Application Firewall or WAF?

There has been a massive rise in the hacking of websites of the past few years, in the past this hacking was just to prove how good a hacker a hacker was, they would take over your website and put up some sort of OWNED graphic.

These days hacking is often more nefarious and malicious, injecting hidden code into your website to infect visitors and other website, these are commonly called BOTs, or putting up a fake banking site to lure people to reveal their banking details, often without your knowledge and you are likely to be as much a victim or this scam as those who are phised (fished) in.

A WAF add-on to you website will provide greatly needed security

Your web hosting company generally provides little protection from hackers, they protect their system, their servers, their network, the put in place the barest minimum to protect the website running on their hosting environments.

Happy Clients

  • Pete just gets the job done. And he even provides easy to understand advice on how I can get it done quicker and with less effort. Money can't buy service Pete - well done!

    Amber McLean
  • You get so much more than your website built. Peter is like a business coach, personal coach and web builder and expert all in one.

    Justine Page
  • Peter thanks for the great job you did building our new site recently, we are now beginning to get regular enquires on line. The whole process went quicker than I thought it would take, and your input was much appreciated.

  • It feels so good to have control over my website. I could not believe how fast our website was expertly created, online and completely functional in just a few hours after speaking with Peter. Peter managed every aspect of the process with ease – it was such a relief to deal with someone who made it seem so simple....

    James McLaughlan
  • Now my life has changed. Pete, my business would never be where it is today, if it weren't for you. Cheers!

    Amber McLean
  • Using Peter to redevelop my website was a very smart move on my part. I have gone from having to pay my designer for every change due to my complete lack of knowledge about website development to a state of being able to make my own changes confidently and easily.

    Sue Crosbie



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